Runny nose? Suffering from cold? Poor you. But wait. Why is there that small freckle of anxiety? From now on, don’t let cold and flu pull you behind.

Medicines can only give you temporary relief. So choose the natural way out to reduce your symptoms. Look out for the tips given below.

Treat with warm salt water

  • Wash your blocked nose with warm salt water. It clears congestion and erases nasal viruses and bacteria.
  • Make a mixture of salt, baking-soda and warm water. Spray the mixture into your nose using a nasal irrigation kit or a bulb syringe.
  • Keep one nostril closed by applying light pressure with your finger and let the mixture drain do this twice or thrice and repeat the same with your other nostril.

Steamy showers can be soothing

When you are suffering from a cold and feeling dizzy, Run a steamy shower and take a sponge bath. It works wonders.

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