Things to do when you are sick

Fever, runny nose, cough – and here you are sitting at home in the hospital, while friends go to an interesting job, and in the evenings raid bars. In this state, frankly, you do not want to do anything but lie down, whine and swallow colorful potions in the hope that will reduce, like a fairy Alice, and get into a fairy-tale world, where warm, sunny and smells like roses. Without panic – a cold is not a reason for boredom and boredom! Here are seven proven ways to cut down on hospital time to your advantage.

Reply to letters, messages and comments

Each of us has a couple of or even a dozen missed letters in the mail, missed calls on social networks or messages from friends in different messengers. Maybe before the illness you really were so busy with other things that you could not carve out a couple of minutes to answer. Well, now you have a lot of free time. Moreover, online communication, which requires no strain on the vocal cords or getting out of bed, will bring a lot of pleasure and distract from the disease.

Ask friends to visit you

If you feel very lonely at home, invite friends or colleagues. We think they will be happy to rush for your first call with a package of oranges and sweets. Psychologists have proven that a person gets sincere pleasure from helping others, so do not prevent people from doing good deeds. In addition, positive emotions from communication can charge you with energy for recovery.

Engage in introspection

It is believed that all diseases are psychosomatic in nature. In other words, the origins of the disease lie not in the entry of the virus into the body, lack or excess of a hormone, but much deeper, in the bowels of our psyche. Try to remember what has been bothering you lately. Maybe some unresolved issues or internal contradictions? Imagine that the body can react to your thoughts and actions in the form of various pains and fatigue, and it is necessary to listen to it in order to avoid serious consequences in the future. In general, analyze it!

Play computer games

Now there are a lot of interesting and developing computer games. You can not just kill time, but also spend the day with benefits. One such game is Roblox. In it you can create your own game or even your own world. Along with this game, I usually recommend using for music lovers, because this site contains a database of all song IDs.

Do needlework

Cross-stitch, knitting, beadwork and felt felting are great activities for those who have a lot of time, including due to illness. Few people know that needlework is a real way to help cope with long-term physical pain and overcome depression. This is a kind of meditation: it relaxes the body, reduces stress and anxiety. Another advantage of needlework – it can be combined with watching interesting movies!

Bring beauty

Home “arrest” is a great time to arrange a real beauty salon at home. Make a face and hair mask, manicure and pedicure, take a bath with aroma oils, experiment with your own image. Learn dozens of video tutorials for beauty bloggers and learn new types of styling and makeup. All this will definitely interest you, encourage you and maybe even cheer you up, and after returning to “normal life” you will be in front of colleagues and friends in a completely new way.

Listen to audiobooks

Often the disease is accompanied by a hated headache and tearing in the eyes, so reading books becomes a real pain. The way out is to listen to your favorite songs. All you need to do is select the audio file you want and click play. Close your eyes and under the measured language of the narrator plunged into a new world, leaving behind anxiety and illness. Get well!